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Facing any of these marketing challenges?

  • You spend countless hours doing everything you're supposed to be doing. And get barely any results.

  • Your product or service is really great. But no matter what you say or try, it's not selling as well as it should.

  • Offers that used to be successful are no longer working. And, for some reason, people aren't responding to your campaigns.

  • The daily demands of running a business leave you with little time to do, much less think about, marketing.

  • Marketing a small business shouldn't be deflating. I've been helping family-owned companies get results for nearly 30 years.

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    Small Business Marketing Consultant Mike Schuster
    FiddleSmart Marketing Client Tina Hallis

    Tina Hallis

    Speaker and Author, The Positive Edge

    This is the marketing help I've been dreaming of!!

    I've spent (wasted) a lot of money and time with marketing consultants and on marketing trainings. Then I started working with Mike Schuster. He helped me choose specific marketing strategies that fit into my style, which was so different than the overwhelming and generic firehose approach I had experienced with others. Mike also reignited my excitement and enthusiasm for my business by helping me reconnect with the true value of what I had to offer. By helping me see through the noise and clutter, he made me optimistic that I could grow my business and have fun doing it. This is the marketing help I've been dreaming of!!

    Let's make it easier to grow your business with marketing

    Marketing that actually works reduces the effort people have to take to do business with you. While there's no magical, out-of-the-box solution, you can take steps to make it as easy as possible for the right people to learn about you, buy from you and tell others about you too. I'll help you:

  • Craft a compelling and clear message that connects with your audience

  • Structure offers so more people engage with and, ultimately, buy from you

  • Build awareness using the best marketing channels and tactics for your business

  • Strengthen your website so more visitors are motivated to take the next step

  • Create email programs to nurture relationships with prospects and buyers

  • Establish systems to encourage referrals or reviews from existing customers

  • Ready to get started?

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    FiddleSmart Marketing Client Photographer Stacy Kaat

    Stacy Kaat


    My customers say "I loved your website and knew I had to work with you!" 

    Mike asked the right questions to fully understand my personal brand. As we reworked my home page messaging he also helped me choose the right images. I was amazed at his ability to see what I couldn't about myself and how I was representing myself, especially my home page. His suggestions were right on target. My customers say "I loved your website and knew I had to work with you!" Isn't that what we all want? Mike surpassed my expectations and I'm excited to work with him more in the future.

    Here's how it works

    1. Determine where to focus efforts

    We'll take time to understand your business goals and challenges. And identify where change will have the greatest impact on results. 

    2. Put solutions in place one at at time

    Using proven frameworks and a customer-focused approach, we'll take steps to influence change. See the results. Refine. And repeat.

    3. Sustainably grow your business

    When you concentrate on what's most important instead trying to do everything, you get better results. And you don't blow your budget.

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    FiddleSmart Marketing Client Paula Houlihan

    Paula Houlihan

    Motivational Speaker and Coach

    Where I had chaos, Mike brought clarity

    When I came to work with Mike I felt my coaching and speaking sides of my business lacked congruency of messaging and at times targeted different audiences. I wanted to align them with one clear message and create a workable way to help each aspect of my business support the other - speaking bringing in clients and clients bringing in speaking opportunities. Mike exceeded my expectations! Where I had chaos, Mike brought clarity. He helped me find the threads that tied them (speaking and coaching) all together and a strong marketing message that not only represents the core of what I do but is easy for others to grasp and act on.

    Retailers, consultants and businesses I've helped

    Ready to get marketing to actually work for your business?

    If you’re looking for quick hacks or plug-and-play programs to boost short-term revenue, we may not be a good fit. But if you’re looking for a partner who will get to know your business and focus on building sustainable growth, book time for us to chat.

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